Winter Solstice

What is the Winter Solstice

During the summer, the Sun arcs high in the sky, in winter, it arcs lower, closer to the horizon and we in the Northern Hemisphere are tilted as far away from the sun as possible and the sun’s path across the sky is as low in the sky as it can be.

After the winter solstice, the Sun’s path begins to advance northwards again, eventually reaching its most northerly point on the day of the summer solstice. So with that news it’s good to hear that the sun will now start making its way northwards which brings us brighter days and new growth.

Why Solstice Digital Solutions

Solstice Digital Solutions was born out of the idea of getting small businesses online. The winter solstice gives us the opportunity to plant those new ideas, nurture their growth and helps to reach those goals which like seedlings will come to fruition.

What’s Next?

We can help you get your business ideas off the ground with advise on website development, branding and digital marketing.

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