Retail has no choice – you must be online

Retail business have no choice but to be online

This year all sectors have been hit by Covid. Retail has been especially hit with some retail businesses exiting the market.

With Brexit on the horizon it has been a concern for the future of goods coming into Ireland and concern of extra tariffs and restrictions affecting the way we shop in the future.

In the week running up to Christmas 2020 we see further restrictions with a ban on travel from the UK. This affects goods coming into Ireland from or via the UK, leaving a lot of disappointed Christmas shoppers without their online purchases. Also affected are retailers expecting delivery of goods from abroad in time for the last of the Christmas rush.

“Worryingly, at least 60pc of online spending in Ireland is understood to flow out of Ireland, according to the E-commerce Association of Ireland.”

Bank of Ireland: It’s time to get your business selling online

If you are a retailer and haven’t yet made the move the get your business and products online then we can help you do just that. Having an online store will give you a wider reach, providing you with customers outside of your local area. We’ll help you get your store online using a shopping platform that you can easily manage for yourself.

Having an online store is the first step. The next step is to get your businesses noticed. Reaching a wider community using digital marketing activities. We’ll further support you in your digital marketing activities.

Contact us at Solstice Digital Solutions and start the conversation. We’re here to help.

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