A Little Bit Oirish, Save the Day with a Cupán Tae

Cupán Tae Saves the Day

Over the last few months we’ve seen small businesses having to change the way they do business, with bricks and mortar retail to getting their products online and providing click-and-collect solutions for their customers.

I’ve been helping some small businesses get their products online and creating brand awareness campaigns through digital marketing.

One business I came across recently is Sarah Patterson a very talented illustrator and creative designer.

Her collection includes cards, mini-prints and my favourite are the T-towels. I received one as a birthday gift and I just love it.

Designs are bold, brash and so colourful. The tone is quite “Oirish” for those of you that know the lingo. “Cupán tae saves the day”. “Craic agus ceol agus jumbo breakfast roll”. You know what I mean.

Seeing that it is November and although it’s still early for Christmas, you still need to get the xmas-gifts ordered.

Find Sarah on Instagram at @dotterson and online at https://dotterson.bigcartel.com/

I must warn you that when you go online and view the collection you’ll want to buy one for everyone in the audience!

Cupan Tae Saves the Day
Cupán Tae Saves the Day