Getting Your Business Online in 2022

Getting Your Business Online in 2022 and Start Selling

The long-term impact COVID has had on shopping habits and expectations of consumers will continue while we navigate through the next few months.

The CSO (Central Statistics Office) report from last quarter 2020 shows an ongoing increase in users of all ages using the internet for education, connecting with others, using apps, file sharing, use of cloud applications, a source for problem solving to watching movies, listening to podcasts and attending webinars.

The figure below from the CSO shows the purchasing habits of users in the last quarter of 2020.

online purchases stats 2020

Take a closer look at what these statistics mean for your business

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories were top of the purchasers list.
  • It’s also clear that people were keeping fit and training at home with approx 25% of internet shoppers purchasing training goods and using fitness Apps.
  • Home furnishings and the outdoor living was high on buyers lists as people wanted to re-design and make some changes at home and garden, seeing that that’s where people were spending most of their time.
  • Computer and electronics, if you combine them the stats in the figure below, they surfaced to the top – there wasn’t a mouse to bet got anywhere in the country.
  • Business “very” casual was the attire of preference as people felt more comfortable in slippers and pyjamas working from home, but glad to see that cosmetics were still high on that list of items – it’s important that you feel and look good even if you’re wearing snug bunny slippers at your home office.
  • We are a nation of good eaters with ready-made food, meal kits and other food and beverages were high on our purchasing lists, and if combined would show 50% of internet shoppers indulging.
  • People have been doing their own home training and exercise/keep fit routines, including the use of fitness Apps. One in twelve (8%) of internet users surveyed stated that they purchased Apps related to health or fitness, while one in ten (10%) bought Other Apps online (including Apps related to learning languages, travelling, weather, etc).

These statistics and the continued impact of COVID will have a positive impact on online selling in the months ahead, and what better time to avail of this advantage and get your business online and start selling.

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