How Christmas Ready is your Holiday Marketing Plan

Christmas Marketing Tips to Maximise Sales During this vital Holiday Period

1. Review last year’s Christmas Campaign performance

Reviewing last year’s Christmas Campaign performance will help inform you for this year’s Christmas Strategy. What were the noticeable difference in peaks in conversions and when did they occur? From your email marketing campaigns what emails resulted in increased sales?

Christmas campaign analysis is best done early on in the year when campaigns are fresh in your mind.

2. Build a Timeline

The holiday season isn’t just about Christmas. There are a number of other dates you need to plan your campaign around. Creating a timeline will inform the chronology of your campaign

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Stephen’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

3. Review Your Target Audience

Review your target audience. Go through the demographic and behavioural data you have on your customers. Have any new behavioural trends emerged?

It is important to capture any changes in customer behaviour and update your personas accordingly. Accurate personas help you to hit the mark with your messaging.

4. Channel Review

Review the channels you’ll use to promote your Christmas campaign. It’s important to ensure that your campaign is delivered consistently across all relevant channels. This helps you to build a seamless customer experience.

5. Plan your Christmas marketing message

Crafting the Campaign’s message. Think of the campaign with your audience in mind. How does your campaign different from competitors. The emotions you want to make your customers think, feel and do.

6. Decide on a Theme

Use your creativity and new thinking as to how the message will be delivered and what feeling and emotions and how it will engage with your audience.

Simplicity is a key factor. A theme that works across multiple channels and drives that emotion at a glance.

7. Decide on offers

Will you be tempting customers with additional offers to encourage them to spend more throughout the campaign.

8. Include personalisation

Consider how you can use personalisation throughout your campaign. Include product recommendations in emails based on past purchases.

9. Create campaign content

Map out every campaign touchpoint across each channel. Decide which assets you need to create. Ensure that your content and design reflect are aligned with your theme and delivers your message consistently across every asset.

10. Test, launch and learn

As you approach your launch, check and test as many assets as possible. Test among colleagues, team members or people that you know. Launch as per your digital media plan and…. don’t sit back. Continually review campaigns across different channels and tweak when required.

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